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    PG TYPE (PG25L-024)
    Home electric appliances : Air-conditioners
    OA Equipment        : Printers / Photocopiers
    Power Tools            : Drills / Drivers

Reference Characteristics
Motor Size PG25L-024
Reduction Ratio 1/30.3 1/76
Drive Characteristics UNIPOLAR CONST. VOLT.
Drive Voltage 12[V]
Drive Method 2-2 PHASE
Step Angle (2phase drive) 0.495o 0.197o
DC Resistance 110[]
Insulation Resistance 100M[] MIN
Dielectric Strength AC 500[V] 1[min]
Class of Insulation CLASS B
Operating Temp. -10[] ~ 50[]
Storage Temp. -30[] ~ 80[]
Operating Hum. 20[%] RH ~ 90[%] RH

PG25L-024 Reduction Ratio 1/30.3
Torque characteristics

PG25L-024 Reduction Ratio 1/76
Torque Characteristics

These torque values are reference only.
Heat radiation conditions and temperature rise effect by duty are different on each equipment,
therefore please select motors after considering the heat conditions in the actual equipment.

External View of Motor with Dimensions