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    Brushless Motors (BL29L)
    OA Equipment                      : Printers / Scanners
    Home automation appliances : Sewing machines / Driers
    Power Tools                        : Drills / Drivers
Motor Size BL29L
No. of rotor magnet poles 8
Magnet Material Ferrite plastic magnet (MSPL)
Magnetic leakage flux 1.0mT
Rotor Inertia 2.0g-cm2
Mass 100g
Hall output voltage 80mV P-P (typical value)
Connector SMK CHP1712-0101
T-N/T-I characteristics at DC32V

Efficiency/Power characteristics (Include Circuit) at DC32V

These torque values are reference only.
Heat radiation conditions and temperature rise effect by duty are different on each equipment,
therefore please select motors after considering the heat conditions in the actual equipment.

External View of Motor with Dimensions

The dimensions shown are for reference purpose and can be modified to your requirements.
Contact our Engineering Department for details.